Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carrà - Far l'Amore

Publié le 6 Décembre 2011

Rédigé par Last Night in Orient

Publié dans #Raffaella Carrà, #Bob Sinclar, #A far l'amore comincia tu, #Culture gay

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"Far L'Amore", featuring Italian superstar Raffaella Carrà is the brand new single from French record producer, House music DJ, and remixer Bob Sinclar.<br /> <br /> Raffaella Carrà is no stranger for those who have spent many holidays at the Mediterranean seaside. Back in the 70's she scored her first big hit in 1970 with "Tuca Tuca" and followed that up with<br /> "Chissà se Va", "Tanti Auguri", "Rumore" and "I Thank You Life". At the end of the 70's, La Carrà embraced a more modern style of disco and really hit her stride. 1977's fabulous "A Far L'Amore"<br /> was the outstanding result and became a top 10 hit in the UK and many other European countries.<br /> <br /> <br /> With the approval of La Carrà herself, Bob Sinclar was allowed to rework this classic into a dancefloor killer.