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Publié le 9 Mars 2017

photo by Dani Machlis

photo by Dani Machlis

Di Tsaytmashin is a new early music ensemble with toes in the bending time and sands of the Negev and head in the clouds of early 18th Century Europe.

This is a musical realisation by Avishai Fisz of Shavuot from "Sefer Simkhes Haneyfesh" from a performance at the Felicja Blumenthal Music Center in Tel Aviv. The language is an old form of Yiddish from Western Europe.

Sefer Simkhes Haneyfesh ("The Book of the Rejoicing Soul") is an Ashkenazi songbook first published in Bavaria towards the end of the 17th century, containing songs of morality for the Jewish home. The songs describe in very witty rhymes the diversity of customs for the various Jewish holidays, the exalted consciousness attained by following the jewish tradition, and the pure joy of believing in god. The language of the songs is a form of Old Yiddish, and the musical notation for the songs- the only musical notation existing today for works of Jewish music written in that period-reveal a mesmerizing musical pastiche, spanning from pure baroque polyphony to very spicy folktunes.

Di Tsaytmashin (Yiddish for "the Time Machine") Ensemble is dedicated to reviving both the text and music of this unforgettable work, never yet heard since the 17th century.

Avishai Fisz (voice, compositions and arrangements)
Bari Moscovitz (theorbo)
Ayela Seidelman (cello)
Adi Silberberg (recorders)
Daniel Hoffman (violin)
Oren Fried (percussion)

Video filmed by Pazit Dank
Edited by Nir Waxman

Di Tsaytmashin - Yiddish Baroque Music

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