sidi mohammed ben moulay arafa

Publié le 6 Mars 2021


CU. New Sultan of Morocco Sidi Mohammed Ben Moulay Arafa (Aug. 1953 - Sep. 1955). SV. SCU. Pan, Sultan walking towards, preparing to leave for mosque. GV. Rabat. LV. Sultan leaving palace with procession. SCU. Sultan leaving palace on horseback. Back view of procession towards the mosque. SCU. Pan, Sultan on horseback. CU. Car breaking through crowd. LV. Assassin attempting to stab Sultan, a French officer jumps aboard assassin's car, assassin draws knife, officer and assassin wrestling, officer knocks assassin off car, guards pounce on assassin as he falls on the ground. SCU. Assassin laying on ground, he lifts his head. SCU. Sergeant Major King holding assassin's knife looking at his wound. Pan down to assassin laying on ground. SV. Dead horse laying by assassin's car. SCU. Sultan being helped away from scene. CU. Guard. SV. & SCU. Pan, Sultan leaving mosque in carriage escorted by guards. LV. & SV. Procession. SV. Towards, procession with Sultan entering palace.

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