the mills brothers

Publié le 29 Septembre 2017

The Mills Brothers étaient un quatuor vocal d'Afro-Américains qui interprétaient des chansons pop et jazz. Ces quatre frères formaient l’un des plus grands groupes vocaux des États-Unis. Ils ont produit plus de 2000 enregistrements, ont vendu 50 millions de disques et ont reçu au moins 35 disques d'or. Ils ont été intronisés au Vocal Group Hall Of Fame en 1998.

The Mills Brothers career has been one of the longest in the history of popular music. They had become a successful live and radio act by the late 20s, scored their first hit in 1931, and were still actively performing with 3 of the 4 original brothers into the 1980s. This album features The Mills Brothers with John, Sr. performing many of their best songs including their hits "You Always Hurt The One You Love" and "Glow Worm" as well as their amazing rendition of the classic "Mr. Sandman".

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