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Publié le 9 Mars 2017

Shpielberg performs Arum Dem Fayer featuring Svetlana Kundish and Mendy Cahan

Shpielberg is Daniel Hoffman - violin, Tal Kuhn - contrabass, Eli Preminger - Trumpet, Yair Salzman - drums, and Ira Shiran - accordion.

Arum dem fayer Around the campfire

Mir zingen lider We sing songs

Di nakht iz tayer The night is sweet

Me vert nit mider We don't get tired

Un zol der fayer And if the fire

Farloshn vern Goes out

Shaynt oyf der himl The heavens shine

Mit zayne shtern With their stars

To kroynt di kep So crown our heads

Mit blumen-kranstn With flower garlands

Arum dem fayer Around the fire

Mirn freylekh tantsn We'll dance happily

Vayl tants un lider Since dance and songs

Iz undzer lebn Are our life

Dernokh in shlof And then in sleep

Khaloymes shvebn We spin dreams

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